A.D.I.D.A.S. (featuring Big Boi) (Explicit Album Version)

Killer Mike

guys these suck but its a start


All Day I Dream About
All Day I Dream About Sex
The way you move your sexy groove
I've got my mind all over you

All Day I Dream About
All Day I Dream About Sex
You say you were so so offended
i'm tired of jackin off cos you aint there

[Verse 1]

'65 chevrolet impala peachy cream
crusin down the street like two fingers
cos the ivory is clean
Talkin bout mean at the mc moan
On the inside of the ship
not a honey dip to huncho
cos she mobile than a grip
Or the Blue Man Group
caught that on the vegas strip
the (magook mad gook)?? gang who do pimpin count of my nigga diamond git??
pimps, pigs, hogs, mics
hip hip save that c'mon lets dis
it's a camel toe and that's fo sho
My brain is on one track
let mary mary toss the crackle like a rock star does the smack
None of that but the female genatalia's where its at
Im a man and i demand a woman for that act
Personal preference cos i use the law of nature as a reference no
i dont ever recall seein a man turn up pregnant
But thats just me
From them female fantasies found out freely
In my cock pit, every 30 some odd seconds i cant stop it


Now I come from Adam's Hill and in the Bonneville I chill
Heffurs call me Black and Decker, I don't screw them ho's I drill
I been cuttin cute lil' coochie since before the record deal
Catch me day dreamin bout them, think maybe ima spend
Doctors call this thing vagina
in the hood we call it trim
white boys call it snatch
Puerto Ricans call it chocha
Now turn ur lights get fired,
I like mine daconk's cola?
its the first thing on my mind -

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