Freedom Got An A.K.

Da Lench Mob

Verse One: J Dee
An AK talks but bullshit runs
I wish I had time to count all my guns
'Cause a nigga is runnin' out of funds
But H.Rap says "Freedom got a strap!"
[I wish I was in dixie Ak Ak
Then shit wouldn't have been bad in the sixties
No way No way]
I can't see the OG's standin' in big lines
Holdin' big signs tryin' to get mine
[I'll shoot ya ass 17 times]
Cause this week we don't turn the other cheek
Do that shit and get stole on,
Non-violence gotta roll on, plus we got a hold on
The mayor of the whole fuckin city
Saw the Lench Mob and his draws got shitty
So get the fuck out my way when I say
Hey - freedoms got an AK
A to the K to the 4 to the 7
little devils don't got to heaven ( repeat )
(Freedom is the road seldom traveled by the multitude . . . )
Verse Two:
Used to be a buck masta, buck mast-a,
Or sit back and get fucked fasta
Than a horny assed rabbit [dagnabit, cause I gotta have it]
[Shoot 'em up Shoot 'em up, ah yeah
Talkin' like that'll have 'em all scared]
Don't come to me wit no petition
[Fool come to me wit ammunition!]
Cause the bang-bang, buck-buck, boom-boom, pow-pow
Used to be a trick [but bitch - how ya like me know]
Cause the Ak-40 dick hold a 50 clip
and I'll shoot till it's empty bitch
That's how you got filthy rich
I know the game, so I'ma do the same
Don't like when I play the same way
and say - hey - freedom's got an AK
Verse Three:
You better call nine one one
The nigga's got a gun, and he's gonna have fun
[An Ak-47 is the tool
Don't make me act a mutherfuckin' fool]
Cause I'll have to run around and point
And fuck around and have to shoot the whole fuckin joint
A is for apple, K is for killin
I'm killin - 47 million civilians
So if you wanna jump your ass in, come on -
I'm buckin and blastin'
The L to the E to the N to the C to the H to the M to the O to the B
And you'll see
One dead devil - kick that shit to the level
Here's my shovel, 'cause I don't play
Motherfucker - Freedom's got an AK!!!!

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