Last Breathing

49 몰핀즈(49 Morphines)

Keep breath until they sleep
close my eye by your hand
a lot of sweats that we spill
a lot of tears that we spill
now, i can't breath no more
and i may not stand up again
if my belief is no change
if had kept my volition
now, i can close my eyes
without any contrition
i wash my scar in this blessing rain
and i forget all memories and i breath the last breath
to the last breath

관련 가사

가수 노래제목  
49 몰핀즈(49 Morphines) And This One  
엘루이즈 49  
엘루이즈(Eloise) 49  
Royksopp 49 Percent  
그 말 4-49  
몬순누이 무제 49  
남진 빈잔 (02 :49)  
엠케이(MK) 49 (Feat. 담희)  
엠케이 49 (Feat. 담희)  
마시모 희망으로 (03 :49)  

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