Elvis <strong>Presley</strong> & America


Black flesh... 1
Black flesh of my own love --
Tell me, oh my eyes.
Black flesh comes into my own life,
Telling me the same... 5
And I believe in you,
And I believe in you,
Black flesh sees the sky and he turns inside from you,
She won't turn my back,
And I know your tears are blue... 10

And you know,
And your sky is feeling blue,
And your heart -- it's so cold when I'm with you,
And you feel, like no one told you to,
And your time is your side. 15
And you'll talk to me,
Oh don't talk to me,
Oh don't talk to me,
Don't talk to me...

And you know, 20
Like no one told you how,
But you know,
The King that howls has howled,
And you feel like sentimental,
But you don't care -- 25
If I just share it
In your har-ar-ar-art har-ar-ar-ar--

Hopelessly, so hopelessly
I'm breaking through to you and me.

And you know, 30
Although no one told you to,
And you found out where you were going:
Where to.
And you're through with me,
But I know that you'll be back for more... 35

And you know,
And though no one told you so,
And you know:
Sky -- like a honey-shade of blue.
And you walk, 40
You walk ---- to let go-oh-oh...

We live on the outside,
Turn away, fade away,
Drop me down, but don't break me:
In your castle stay -- 45
Au-di-ence sighs in your heart and mind,
Au-di-ence dies in your heart... and mine...
Someday Love will come:
Love is in your side walking through. 50
Something in your heart:
It beats like something new...

The Edge
'M lost... 55
Stay, stay sad and resigned,
So stay sad, no more be sad,
Don't stay sad, no more be sad,
Don't stay sad, no more be sad...
And you know, 60
And though no one told you how, (told you how)
You know,
And you wipe the sweat off your white brow. (your white brow)
And you care, (care)
And though no one told, you tried, 65
And your heart is lift out from the side, (heart)
And the rain beats down,
And the shame keeps on beating down,
And this rain keeps on coming down,
And this sky... (is black) 70

Gave away some unsure one,
Keep on going, join in too brother.
Gave away some injured one,
Gave away some in dole oughta,
Gave away somebody... gave away... 75

You know,
And though no one told you -- sky would
And you feel like the cold bricks that you'll carry,
You'll say, "Don't you live on the other side of me!"
"Don't you leave!" 80
"Don't leave that part of me!"
"Then I can't feel!"
"I can't feel anymore!"
"I can't hold on!"
And don't see the flaw. 85
And you pick me up:
Bits and pieces
On this

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