Various Artists

I can hear your heels clicking on the sidewalk
Beating to the rhythm of my heart
Caught up in you
You're the only one I want
I follow you home every night
Just to make sure that you get there alright
Baby, it's true
can't think of anythign but you

And what I need baby
Is a little bit of sympathy

You go tme on my knees
I burn throughout the night
And I can't live without your love
Won't you help me cure this overload
Won't you help me cure this overload

Oh, yu got to know
You see me everywhere that you go
Doesn't that say something
Obsession's taken hold of me
All because of you
You've got to see me through
Can't take another night alone without you
Honey, it's true
I am so hung up on you

What I really need now
Is a little of your company


And what I need baby
Is a little of your sympathy


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