The Hardest

Tray Deee

Verse 1:

I usually take off first and ask questions never
Because the west is where the eastside rides forever
Clever as they get miss me with that shit
Now you can bring that shit and get your lip and wig split
Keep a heat on my hip twenty one in the clip
'Cause I bang with that Gang and the Dogg Pound clique
A zaniac a maniac with platinum stats
Stayin' hungry as a wolf so I travel in packs
In my Nikes and Chucks, no shelltop Adidas
Just a t-shirt, khakis, and an automatic heater
Take it to the extreme, representin' to the max
Bust a slug in they tail just from eye contact
Gang affiliated tats across my arms and back
Finger tips, chest, wrist, my neck and knee caps
Peep facts, disease back to seize the juice
'Cause I be's the hardest regardless fools


Twenty first street (first street) where it all started
'Cause I be's the hardest regardless fools (repat 1x)
Twenty first street (first street) where it all started
'Cause I be's the hardest regardless fools (repeat 1x)

Verse 2:

I keep it bangin' in the V12, we hustle for fame
Still related with the gang Tracy Davis aint change
I'm downer than most, in any city or coast
I pour it out for the homies before any toast
It's a gangsta party loc's, so you see we're striclty riders
Long Beach to the fullest nothing couldn't come divide us
No city rips young killers with chips
Packin' macks and uzis on the side of their hips
Where they sellin' the clips, yeah everyday its a trip
While we over here smokin' and you knowin its dip
You can wet it and blaze it if you think you can fade it
And invade it, we got the whole hood regulated
So you better stay shady 'cause I'm heavily heated
Got that ass in a scope no ho's, they get deleted
Off the face of the earth, drop 'em straight in the dirt
And give up three more cheers while I'm puttin in work
I be the hardest


Verse 3:

In broad daylight shootouts, sad and looped out
Fools run for cover when they knowin' my troops out
So don't get drew out, 'cause brains get blew out
A G's life is like three strikes and then you out
See through out the maze and daze, you stay spicious
And wicked with the biggest trigga hittin' in your britches
To get ya, gettin' hot you can't take the heat
Gone soft, doze off and go straight to sleep
Play the game for keeps 'cause the stakes is deep
One false move cost fools pain and grief
Tyin' to claim the streets, while only strong survive
You put your goals aside, pick up your chrome and ride
Fuck thinkin' that this bangin' was for playin' a joke
It's them same niggas I been layin' in smoke, loc
I make 'em think they been payin' their dues
That's why I be the hardest regardless fools


fades to end

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