Anniversary (Feat. Joss Stone)

앨범 : Truth About Love
작사 : Jonathan Shorten
작곡 : Jonathan Shorten

(feat. Joss Stone)
Put on your red dress
And this diamond necklace
Your love leaves me senseless
I dedicate tonight to you
Cos we made it through another year
My love only gets stronger
And i'll be here the next year
Same time, same place, same girl
They say after the honeymoon, the passion's almost gone
But i feel as thought our love
Has only just begun
It's our anniversary
Celebrating you and me
Nowhere else i'd rather be, oh no
It's our anniversary
A special day in history
I will love you endlessly
It's our anniversary
Put on your best suit
I've got something for you
I'll cover you in kisses
Cos baby i adore you
Your touch leaves me breathless
And i only get weaker
I will be there regardless, for my man
I'm glad you're my man
This day always reminds me of, the reason i'm with you
I'll never search for love again
I've found the truth in you
Forever i'll be here and waiting
(I'll stay the same though times are changing)
We were meant to be together
(No one could love you better)
Got a question for you
(Tell me i'm the answer)
Baby let's stay in love
I love you
I love you too
[Chorus x2]

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