Everlasting Love

Chris Eaton

Everlasting Love

I have been deceived
I have been misled
Out in stormy seas
I have found no rest
I have told some lies
To protect myself
I've been such a fool
I've learned my lesson well

And in my search for freedom
I have found someone to lean on
This is not someone who's here and gone
This is everlasting love

I have been rescued
My life has just begun
For one who was so weak
With you I feel so strong
I can't believe my eyes
The Son has set me free
At last I understand
This peace inside of me

In my search for purity
I have found someone who has met my need
This is not a short-term remedy
This is everlasting love

In my search for honesty
I have found a love so true to me
I believe in one I cannot see
With an everlasting love
With an everlasting love
With an everlasting love

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