Killer Mike
앨범 : Monster

I'm too restricted, separated from your society..
I'm a new breed of species, a curse to lift that speak my name
I'm different twisted, my mind is not the sameFor those who deny the truth, will seek to try and find it
you my friend are blinds of the truth for you are simple mindedMy ways are called abnormal, they treath me as if forsaken
But all should feel the wrath just like when my heart was takenAnd if these words fail to reach their ears and for limit their view
you won't know but when I stryke you'll wish that you've of knew...This beast is on the loose, if you treasure life then destroy it
for it is too realistic for you to simply ignore itI've given a fair warning now I've been well because I've cut it loose
a new terror walks the earth and now it's all up to youIf all hope shall fail then you should sit and ponder
your faith has been decided by one dangerous monstah...

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