About Nothing ( For the Love of Destiny )

P.M, Dawn

Say, say, say, why are you looking for the was,
I find you scheming on that plane, that I'm not thinking of
Say, say, say I bet you found another love or even
Found another something not to tell me
Now I feel sorry for the things that I've said...
Now I feel sorry for the ways I might have held you down...
Now I feel sorry for the rest of my life.
Cause what comes around, goes around...

( chorus )
Cause I like the way you change your look.
I like the ways you change your style
I like the way you talk about nothing
and make it worth your while

No, no, no, I will not miss you when you're gone
I think I'll have to find another word that turns that emotion on.
You, you make it so diffucult to try
If you're not dreaming when you lie
I guess you'll teach me
Now I feel sorry for the me's that are you's
Now I feel sorry for the times you tried to tell me why..
I'll kill you softly for the rest of my life
Unless you and I see eye to eye

( chorus ) x2

Why do I keep so much pressure underlined
It makes me feel for everything
that decides to pass me by.
Only you see something special in my eyes
She tells me its wrong for me to cry
about almost everything
I feel so sorry for the ones that don't care
I feel so sorry there are reasons some will never know
I guess I'll see you for the rest of my life
But that's what the sun shines for...

( chorus )

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