Blue Canoe

Blue Mountain

Blue Canoe:

Ridin 'round the county drinkin from a jar. Big blue canoe up on top of the car. Hop in darlin', don't be a stranger. Sit back and relax, cause you ain't in no danger.

Well Bogalusa spells trouble to me, I'd rather stay out here under the trees. With the wind on the lake, the stars in the sky, what else do you need to make you feel high?

Chorus: I want to ride with you in my blue canoe. Baby lets go ridin. slippin and a sliding. In my blue canoe.

You bring the ice chest and I'll get the bait. Meet me at the lake and don't be late. Cause all this hangin around, is draggin me down. I gotta get behind the wheel and get the hell out of town. Too many people, too many cars, to many nights in too many bars. My noggin's gettin' soggy and my spirit's are saggin. Time to take a ride in my blue water wagon.

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