Yes Or No


Yes Or No

You're alone and I am too
You're my idea of a pretty view
You can move or so it seems
I bet we'd make a decent team

I'm not asking for all your time
A song or two would suit me fine
I'm not asking for you to say
that you'll be with me all the way

Shut your mind off for a while
Concentrate on the latest style
And everything's alright

Yes or no
I'll take it fast or slow
I'll make it easy for you to decide
Yes or no
You've got to let it go
Just take a stance
Either dance or tell me no

If you've got somewhere to be
If you've got someone besides me
Let me know don't put me on
If it's not right then I'll be gone

All those dancers can't be wrong
All those answers'd take too long
So tell me tell me now


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