My Darling My Darling

Doris Day

My darling, my darling
I've wanted to call you my darling
For many and many a day.

My darling, my darling,
I've fluttered and fled like a sparkling
My courage just melted away.

Then, all at once, you kissed me.
And there's not a thing I'm sane enough to say except

My darling, my darling
Get used to that name of my darling.
It's here to stay.

관련 가사

가수 노래제목  
Gordon McRae My Darling My Darling  
마이달링 (My Darling) 난 니가 좋은데  
마이달링 (My Darling) 쿵치따  
마이달링 (My Darling) 드라마틱 (Dramatic)  
버즈 My Darling  
플라워 My Darling  
버즈 3집 my darling  
Buzz My Darling  
카라(Kara) My Darling  
Buzz My Darling  

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