can't stop

kelly rowland
앨범 : simply deep

Trying to let you know what it's all about
I know you wanna leave
So many little games silly people play
Don't act foolishly
I'm so real, so soft to touch
My love my kiss so sweet, glorious
The look on your face
Anyone can see
No one does it like me

Oh no, oh no can't nobody
Do it like me, uh uh oh no
Can't nobody do it like me (repeat)
Uh uh and get right down to it like me
Uh uh, na na na na na na na na

I knew you'd be the one to come out
Your worth, I need you please to relax
I know I messed up but if you leave me now
Ain't no coming back, no more no me no you
No us no kiss no hug, tell the truth
See I뭢 the only one that can love you
Babe, you뭨e not that big a fool

2nd time:  (repeat) can't nobody love you like me
Uh uh, na na na na na na na na

Can't nobody but me
Do the things that I do
To you the things I do
To you (repeat)

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